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dark pink distressed sweater
One Size

Long Striped Distressed Sweater

Dhs. 184.00Dhs. 86.00
Distressed, Kawaii, and Gothic: A Sweater with a Cute Attitude   Behold! The wardrobe warrior that's ready to light up your style game – our Long Striped Distressed Sweater! This...
Jirai Kei Pearl Heart-Shaped Chocker in sleek black and vibrant pink color, perfect for Goth Kawaii and Harajuku styles.

Jirai Kei Pearl Heart-Shaped Chocker

Dhs. 88.00Dhs. 44.00
Meet the Jirai Kei Pearl Heart-Shaped Chocker: Where Edgy Meets Kawaii 🖤   Why fit in when you were born to slay? Unveil your inner fashionista with our Jirai Kei...
"Cinnamoroll Kawaii Racing Jacket Front View"

Cinnamoroll Kawaii Racing Jacket

Dhs. 294.00Dhs. 156.00
Discover the epitome of Japanese kawaii shop style with our Cinnamoroll Kawaii Racing Jacket. This exquisite piece, inspired by the popular "racing jacket" trend, features the charming Cinnamoroll character, blending...
Purple Pastel Goth Skirt - Vibrant purple plaid pattern on a white background.

Purple Pastel Goth Skirt

Dhs. 60.00Dhs. 30.00
Purple Pastel Goth Skirt For Your Next Kawaii Outfit   Dive into the captivating world of pastel goth with our Purple Pastel Goth Skirt. This unique piece of kawaii clothing...
My Melody Racing Jacket

My Melody Racing Jacket

Dhs. 294.00Dhs. 156.00
My Melody Racing Jacket: The Ultimate Fusion of Kawaii and Cool   Why You Need This Jacket in Your Life Hey fashionista, listen up! Ever wanted to blend high-speed thrills...
Goth Punk Ankle Boots

Goth Punk Ankle Boots

Dhs. 515.00Dhs. 360.00
Goth Punk Ankle Boots: Why These Boots Are Your New Obsession Hey trendsetter, listen up! If you're all about that punk-goth aesthetic, Harajuku culture, or even planning a killer Halloween...
Goth Spike Boots from Street Kawaii shown from the side on model's feet, highlighting intricate stitching and metal accents.

Goth Spike Boots

Dhs. 290.00Dhs. 203.00
Ready to turn some heads? Our Goth Spike Boots are not just a pair of shoes; they're a vibe, a mood, an entire lifestyle.   What Makes Them So Cool?...
side view by model of Ruffle Goth Black Skirt

Ruffle Goth Black Skirt

Dhs. 50.00Dhs. 32.50
Stand Out with our Ruffle Goth Black Skirt   Step into the spotlight with our Ruffle Goth Black Skirt, a perfect fusion of gothic fashion and kawaii charm. This goth...
model wearing frayed distressed sweater in pink color
One Size

Cropped Striped Distressed Sweater

Dhs. 220.00Dhs. 92.00
Cropped Striped Distressed Sweater: Your Perfect Pastel Goth and Kawaii Clothing Choice.   Step into a kawaii pastel goth world with our Cropped Striped Distressed Sweater! This delightful piece is...
Close-up of Square Heel Shoes with Rose Detail

Goth Rose High Heels

Dhs. 290.00Dhs. 117.00
Step into a World of Gothic Elegance with Our Rose Detail Heels 🌹 Elevate Your Dark Aesthetic Unveil the mystery that lies within every step you take. These Goth High...
Model Wearing Black White Striped Arm Warmers

Goth Striped Arm Warmers

Dhs. 140.00Dhs. 59.00
Hey there, kawaii rebels! 🖤 Are you ready to level up your alternative fashion game? Say hello to our Striped Arm Warmers! These babies are the ultimate blend of Goth...
Classic Black Lace-Up Corset for Dark Glamour Style

Goth Lace Up Corset

Dhs. 118.00Dhs. 59.00
Hey, kawaii fam! 🌙✨ Are you ready to slay the goth game? Get ready to fall head over heels for our Goth Lace-Up Corset! This isn't just a corset, babes;...