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Discover and shop trending styles of leg warmers! We carefully hand-picked styles to match the trend and your preference! You...
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Model Wearing Black White Striped Arm Warmers

Goth Striped Arm Warmers

Dhs. 140.00
Hey there, kawaii rebels! 🖤 Are you ready to level up your alternative fashion game? Say hello to our Striped Arm Warmers! These babies are the ultimate blend of Goth...
Goth Denim Leg Warmers displayed on a model, showcasing the unique patchwork design and black color, perfect for goth kawaii style.

Goth Denim Leg Warmers

Dhs. 183.00
Goth Denim Leg Warmers: Unleash Your Unique Style 🖤🧦   Step into the world of goth kawaii with our one-of-a-kind Goth Denim Leg Warmers. These aren't just ordinary leg warmers;...
Model wearing the Kawaii Pink Furry Leg Warmers, paired with a trendy black shoes.
One Size

Kawaii Pink Furry Leg Warmers

From Dhs. 74.00
Hey Kawaii fashionista! 🌸✨ Ready to step into the 2000s with a splash of pink? Introducing our Kawaii Pink Furry Leg Warmers – a blend of Y2K style, Harajuku vibes,...
Model wearing the Faux Furry Leg Warmers, paired with a trendy Y2K outfit.
One Size

Faux Furry Leg Warmers

Dhs. 88.00
Hey there! ❄️ Are you feeling the winter chill? We've got just the thing to keep you warm and stylish: our Faux Furry Leg Warmers. Trust us; these aren't just...
Model showcasing the Plain Leg Warmers, paired with a trendy Kawaii-inspired outfit.
One Size

Plain Leg Warmers

Dhs. 55.00
  Are you on the hunt for the ultimate fashion accessory that screams Y2K nostalgia and Kawaii charm? Look no further! Our Plain Leg Warmers are here to sprinkle some...
Y2K fashion inspired grey and black striped kawaii leg warmers, perfect for j-fashion enthusiasts.
One Size

Striped Leg Warmers

Dhs. 55.00
Striped Leg Warmers: Embrace Y2K Aesthetic with a Kawaii Twist ✨ Get ready to turn heads with our Striped Leg Warmers, a perfect tribute to the iconic Y2K era. These...
Model showcasing the Pink Bow White Leg Warmers, paired with a trendy Kawaii outfit, highlighting the flared design and adorable pink bow.
One Size

Pink Bow Kawaii Leg Warmers

Dhs. 81.00
Embrace the Kawaii Lifestyle with Our Pink Bow White Leg Warmers 🎀✨   Are you ready to step into a world of cuteness, nostalgia, and fashion-forward style? Our Pink Bow...