Jirai Kei Collection

Step into the enchanting world of Jirai Kei, where kawaii fashion intertwines seamlessly with the alluring allure of pastel goth and the vibrant spirit of Harajuku fashion. Embrace the dark kawaii aesthetic and let your unique...
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Black Jirai Kei Skirt With Cute Lace at Front

Front Lace Tie Skirt

Dhs. 201.00Dhs. 99.00
Express Your Unique Style with the Front Lace Tie Skirt   Elevate your fashion game with our Front Lace Tie Skirt, a must-have for style aficionados. This enchanting skirt features...
Star Buckle Mary Janes Shoes - Street Kawaii

Star Buckle Mary Janes Shoes

Dhs. 250.00Dhs. 150.00
Introducing our "Star Buckle Mary Janes Shoes" – the perfect fusion of style and comfort. These shoes are designed to enhance your kawaii fashion sense while adding a dash of...
Ruffle Trim Mary Jane Heels Khaki - Street Kawaii

Ruffle Trim Mary Jane Heels

Dhs. 293.00Dhs. 177.00
Step out with these fun and flirty Ruffle Trim Mary Jane Heels! Featuring a classic Mary Jane style with eye-catching ruffle trim, these shoes are perfect for anyone looking to...
Bow Tie Off-shoulder Shirt White - Street Kawaii

Bow Tie Off-shoulder Shirt

Dhs. 176.00Dhs. 105.00
Introducing our "Bow Tie Off-shoulder Shirt" – a delightful addition to your kawaii fashion collection, perfect for those who appreciate the harmony of Jirai Kei, Harajuku, and pastel goth styles....
Bow Tie Ruffle Shirt Pink - Street Kawaii

Bow Tie Ruffle Shirt

Dhs. 110.00Dhs. 85.00
The Bow Tie Ruffle Shirt is ready to slay the day for a formal or informal occasion! Perfect for a goth kawaii and jirai kei look! It features a bow...
Victorian-Style Kawaii Platform Shoes On a White Background

Mary Jane Platform Shoes

Dhs. 293.00Dhs. 161.00
Elevate your fashion game with our epic Mary Jane Platform Shoes – the ultimate versatile accessory for those who adore Harajuku fashion, kawaii shoes, and versatile style. These shoes aren't...
Mary Jane Heels Pink - Street Kawaii

Mary Jane Heels

Dhs. 293.00Dhs. 176.00
Mary Jane Heels! Let's Step into irresistible style with an adorable "princess" vibe, you'll be inspired to take on the day with a confident and bold stride. Go ahead, show...
Jirai Kei Pearl Heart-Shaped Chocker in sleek black and vibrant pink color, perfect for Goth Kawaii and Harajuku styles.

Jirai Kei Pearl Heart-Shaped Chocker

Dhs. 88.00Dhs. 44.00
Meet the Jirai Kei Pearl Heart-Shaped Chocker: Where Edgy Meets Kawaii 🖤   Why fit in when you were born to slay? Unveil your inner fashionista with our Jirai Kei...