Welcome to Street Kawaii's Sanrio collection, a world where Kawaii meets your favorite Sanrio characters. Our collection is a blend of adorable Sanrio-themed items that cater to every Kawaii enthusiast's taste. Whether you're a fan of...
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"Cinnamoroll Kawaii Racing Jacket Front View"

Cinnamoroll Kawaii Racing Jacket

Dhs. 294.00Dhs. 156.00
Discover the epitome of Japanese kawaii shop style with our Cinnamoroll Kawaii Racing Jacket. This exquisite piece, inspired by the popular "racing jacket" trend, features the charming Cinnamoroll character, blending...
My Melody Racing Jacket

My Melody Racing Jacket

Dhs. 294.00Dhs. 156.00
My Melody Racing Jacket: The Ultimate Fusion of Kawaii and Cool   Why You Need This Jacket in Your Life Hey fashionista, listen up! Ever wanted to blend high-speed thrills...
Cinnamoroll Racing Pants in blue with white stripe and character detailing, perfect for kawaii fashion enthusiasts and Sanrio fans.

Cinnamoroll Racing Pants

Dhs. 147.00
Rev up your style with the Cinnamoroll Racing Pants from Street Kawaii, where kawaii meets the racetrack. These pants aren't just clothing; they're a statement, blending the adorable charm of...
Kitty Fleece Pants in dark pink color worn by a model

Kitty Fleece Pants

Dhs. 110.00
Stay Cozy and Stylish with Hello Kitty Sanrio Fleece Pants   Experience the ultimate combination of comfort and fashion with Hello Kitty Sanrio Fleece Pants. Designed for the trend-setting and comfort-loving,...
Side view of model in Hello Kitty Camouflage Hoodie, highlighting side design and Sanrio style.

Hello Kitty Camouflage Printed Zipper Hoodie

Dhs. 220.00Dhs. 140.00
Hello Kitty Camo Printed Zipper Hoodie: Your Cool New Closet Essential! Hey there! Take a peek at our Hello Kitty Camo Printed Zipper Hoodie at Street Kawaii. It's a super...
hello kitty varsity jacket

Hello Kitty Embroidered Varsity Jacket

Dhs. 140.00
The Hello Kitty Embroidered Varsity Jacket is the perfect blend of cuteness and street style. The stylish combination of pink and cream colors on the jacket is sure to make a...
My Melody Graphic Hoodie

My Melody Graphic Hoodie

Dhs. 110.00Dhs. 82.00
Product Details: ✩ Material: Polyester, Fleece ✩ Length: 80cm SIZE GUIDE
Sanrio Kawaii Ushanka Hat

Sanrio Kawaii Ushanka Hat

Dhs. 110.00
Product Details: Length: 22 cm Width: 32 cm Head Circumference: 75 cm
Hello Kitty Ice Cream Charm Bracelet

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Charm Bracelet

Dhs. 92.00Dhs. 66.00
Product Details: Material: Metal  
Pink Hello Kitty Plush Phone Case on white background, featuring soft plush texture and cute Hello Kitty design.

Hello Kitty Plush Phone Case

Dhs. 81.00
Hello Kitty Plush Phone Case: The Ultimate Cute Accessory from Street Kawaii Looking for the cutest phone case ever? Our Hello Kitty Plush Phone Case is just what you need!...
Sanrio Hooded Plush

Sanrio Hooded Plush

Dhs. 147.00Dhs. 105.00
Product Details: Filling: PP Cotton Material: Plush Size: 25 cm