Add femininity to your wardrobe with Street Kawaii's Skirts collection. Shop trendy Kawaii skirts in styles of Goth, Lolita, Anime, and Y2K...
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Black Jirai Kei Skirt With Cute Lace at Front

Front Lace Tie Skirt

Dhs. 140.00
Express Your Unique Style with the Front Lace Tie Skirt   Elevate your fashion game with our Front Lace Tie Skirt, a must-have for style aficionados. This enchanting skirt features...
Ruffle Lolita Mini Skirt
One Size

Ruffle Lolita Mini Skirt

Dhs. 130.00Dhs. 91.00
Step up your kawaii fashion game with our Adorable Pink Ribbon Ruffle Kawaii Skirt! Perfect for any kawaii outfit, this cute mini skirt features silky fabric, charming ruffles, and delicate...
Purple Pastel Goth Skirt - Vibrant purple plaid pattern on a white background.

Purple Pastel Goth Skirt

Dhs. 60.00
Purple Pastel Goth Skirt For Your Next Kawaii Outfit   Dive into the captivating world of pastel goth with our Purple Pastel Goth Skirt. This unique piece of kawaii clothing...
Front View of Black Goth Plaid Skirt in Twill Fabric

Goth Plaid Skirt

Dhs. 121.00
Hey, kawaii goth squad! 🖤✨ Ready to level up your dark fashion game? Feast your eyes on our Goth Plaid Skirt—it's the epitome of edgy cuteness! Why You'll Totally Adore...
Kawaii Lolita Ruffle Skirt Pink - Street Kawaii
One Size

Kawaii Victorian-Style Ruffle Skirt

Dhs. 280.00
This Kawaii Victorian-Style skirt is sure to make you feel like a Kawaii princess! It's soft and fluffy with layers of adorable ruffles that'll make anyone who sees fall in love!...