Alysworlds and Street Kawaii at Comic Con UAE 2024



Hey there! Let's take a little trip down memory lane to MEFCC 2024, where our little corner was all about celebrating the quirks and colors of Kawaii culture. Here's the scoop on all the fun stuff that went down.

our booth is buzzing, the fashion's on point, and everywhere you look there's something that makes you go 'Wow!' We had cosplayers strutting their stuff, our newest gear on display, and so many great chats with you guys!

Photos don't lie, and ours are telling the story of a weekend well spent. Flip through our gallery to see the best of our booth, the incredible folks who dropped by, and all the behind-the-scenes action that made it happen.

Alysworlds: Your Anime & Movie Companion and Comic Con UAE 2024 Ambassador! 🍿

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Street Kawaii: Alysworlds' Stylish Sidekick! 💖

Now, let's spill the details on Street Kawaii, also curated by Alyazia. It stands as the chic sibling of Alysworlds, where the world of cute Japanese fashion melds with Harajuku streetwear. Picture a realm where style meets joy – that's the essence of Street Kawaii! Are you ready to immerse yourself in this pop culture and fashion escapade? Join Alysworlds and Street Kawaii, with Alyazia proudly serving as the ambassador of Comic Con UAE 2024!