Top 3 Kawaii Makeup Look: Tips for Beginners to Pro Level

Top 3 Kawaii Makeup Look: Tips for Beginners to Pro Level

Top 3 Kawaii Makeup Look: Tips for Beginners to Pro Level

Hello, there kawaii enthusiasts! If you are just landed on this article, you might have been looking for a guide on how to do kawaii makeup! 

Or maybe you are one of them that accidentally bumped into this article, right? Well despite the answer, Street Kawaii will list the top 3 Kawaii makeup that you can try yourself!

If you are still new to makeup, no need to street it out! We will also give you some tips for each makeup based on your skill level! From beginner, enthusiasts to a pro! Make sure to stay tuned and read so you won’t miss some good information :)

1. Soft Makeup Look

Soft kawaii makeup is all about capturing an innocent, sweet, and gentle look that radiates pure cuteness. What makes it "soft" is not necessarily the amount of makeup used, but rather the subtle application and choice of colors. It's about enhancing your natural features with a touch of playfulness.


Soft kawaii involves using sheer, light textures and pastel shades that impart a youthful glow. The goal is to achieve a look that appears effortlessly cute and not overly done. The application should be gentle, with a light hand and subtle blending techniques, enhancing your natural features rather than transforming them completely. Soft kawaii makeup embraces a sense of innocence and charm, capturing the essence of all things adorable.


One example of soft kawaii makeup is douyin makeup style. Douyin makeup is a Chinese makeup style that’s currently trending all over TikTok! It is so popular right now because it can change your face to look 10x younger than your age! Not only that, the douyin makeup style can also give you a playful and fresh look.


Tips for Beginners, Intermediate Enthusiasts, and Pro-level:

Beginner Level: When you are a beginner, you don’t want to immediately put 10 products or layers without proper technique, right? You can start it off by using a light coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer to achieve that natural-looking base. 

After applying the base of your makeup, continue with applying a soft color cream blush to add a youthful effect to your cheeks. And for the eyes, you can fill your eyebrows according to your shape, and apply soft shades of eyeshadow on your eyelids. Complete your look with mascara, winged eyeliner and lipgloss!


2. Intermediate Level: If you are in this category, you may want to experiment with different finishes for your foundation, whether it’s dewy, matte or satin finish. Play around with contour and highlight to create certain effect and dimension to your face.

For your eyes, you can try different blending technique and experiment using 2-3 shades to your eyes. Filling up your eyebrows and adding more volume to it, and for the eyelashes, you can try “douyin” eyelashes to create this soft look. Lastly, try using two different color of lipstick to create the pouty effect but it’s optional!


3.Pro Level: If you are a pro, you can apply your foundation and perfecting it by using different techniques to achieve a flawless no makeup makeup look on your face. After applying your foundation, try different contour and highlight technique to get different dimension and effect to your face.

Next step, you can be creative with eyeshadow by incorporating soft kawaii designs such as hearts, stars or cartoon character patterns.


2. Doll Like Makeup Look 



The Doll Like Makeup Look is for those who wants to go braver with their makeup! If you are one of those kawaii enthusiasts, make sure to read and take note of each of the tips we will be sharing with you.

The doll-like makeup look is characterized by its captivating and ethereal qualities, reminiscent of porcelain dolls. It revolves around creating a flawless complexion with seamless coverage, rosy cheeks that exude innocence, captivating eyes adorned with soft pastel eyeshadow and delicate details, such as defined yet natural-looking eyebrows and a subtle shimmer on the inner corners. 

The doll-like look also embraces soft and natural lip shades, maintaining a gentle and kissable appearance. This makeup style turns you to a living work of art, just like a living doll.

Tips for Beginners, Intermediate Enthusiasts, and Pro-level:

For beginners: When you are a beginner you don’t need a lot of makeup on your face. Just start it off with good base by applying your skincare routine first, then followed with lightweight foundation or BB cream. 

Once you are done with your makeup base, continue with applying pink blush, and medium bold eyeshadow shades on your eyelids! Doll like makeup tends to use darker shades with their eyeshadow, but not too dark or you’ll end up with goth makeup look.

To finish it off, don’t forget to add shimmer in the corner of your eyes! And add a pop of lipgloss to your lips.

For medium Level: Start it off with good makeup base, and then experiment with contour and highlight to create certain effect and dimension to your face! Play around with how you add colors to your eyelids, and don’t forget to use eyeliner, and white liner on your waterline. Lastly, you can try combining lip colors to create some effect to your lips!

For the pros: Make sure you add a thick layer of makeup to create that doll skin effect to your face! Mix and matching some colors to your eyelids, as well as using eyeliner and white liner on to your water line. Don’t forget to contour and highlight to make your face looks doll like! Experiment with false lashes: Try different lash styles, including lower lashes, to achieve a more dramatic and doll-like effect. Take your time to perfect the application for a flawless result.


3. Goth Makeup Look

The Goth Kawaii makeup look brings together the gothic fashion and the adorable kawaii culture. It's a captivating fusion that allows you to embrace darkness with a touch of sweetness.

For a beginner, you can start by focusing on creating a flawless makeup base. Experiment with dark eyeshadow shades, blending them softly onto the crease and outer corners for a subtle smoky effect. Add some of shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes for a captivating look. Try a deep, vampy lip color and blend a lighter shade in the center to create a gradient effect. Apply a subtle, cool-toned blush to enhance your cheeks and complete the Goth Kawaii look.


For those at a medium level, take your makeup skills up a notch. Start off with primer then apply a full-coverage foundation for a flawless base. Play with a variety of dark eyeshadow shades, blending them seamlessly to achieve a more dramatic and captivating look. Enhance your eyes by adding pastel eyeshadows on the lower lash line for a touch of kawaii charm. Experiment with different dark lip colors and master the art of blending a lighter shade in the center for a gradient effect. Sculpt your features with a cool-toned contour powder, adding dimension, and apply a touch of blush to bring a doll-like flush to your cheeks.

If you're a pro, your creativity is what needed here. Prep your skin with a matte primer and use a high-coverage foundation for a flawless canvas. Create intricate and dramatic eye looks using a variety of dark eyeshadow shades and advanced blending techniques. Explore elaborate designs with pastel eyeshadows on the lower lash line to add a playful and kawaii element to your look. Experiment with bold and unconventional lip colors, mastering the art of precise gradient effects. Perfect your contouring skills to sculpt and define your features, and use a carefully applied blush to achieve a doll-like flush. As a pro, you have the freedom to push the boundaries and create a truly captivating Goth Kawaii makeup look.


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