Top 6 Kawaii Room Tips and Ways To Stay On A Budget

Top 6 Kawaii Room Tips and Ways To Stay On A Budget

Top 6 Kawaii Room Tips and Ways To Stay On A Budget


top 6 kawaii room tips 


Do you want to make your room look Kawaii but need help figuring out where to start? No worries! We have got you covered! In this article, we will help you by breaking down the top 5 tips for achieving a kawaii room.


1. Pastel Color 

pastel colors

Pastel colors are essentials to achieving a kawaii aesthetic by incorporating them into your life.

Whether it's in your clothes, accessories, or room decor, pastel colors are the main colors used in Kawaii fashion for their aesthetic.

But have you ever wondered why kawaii often use pastel as their main color?

Well, it is because pastel colors create a soft, playful, and gentle look which has the same purpose as kawaii fashion which also creates a playful and soft look.


Here are easy ways to add pastel color to your room: 


 1. Paint the walls

We all agree that different walls color can give different vibes to the room.

That is why changing the colors of your walls and painting them the colors of kawaii can give a huge effect on your room.

Start it off by considering the mood you want to create. Whether it is pink, or soft blue, you are always free to choose whatever you prefer.


2. Pastel color textiles

From today on, you must start paying attention to the color of your curtains, pillows, bed sheets, and blankets in order to create a kawaii room.

Having textiles with colors that resonate with the exact vibe you want is necessary.


2. Wall Decoration

The next part is wall decoration. Most kawaii rooms have some sort of wall decoration such as posters, tapestries, and manga books.

When choosing the wall decor for your room, make sure the color complements your walls. 

For example, you can add cute cartoon posters like Sanrio or your favorite anime characters, pink tapestries, and arrange your favorite books!


When on a budget, consider printing your own poster and creating your own mood board.

If you don’t have a printer, you can print it in a print shop or ask a friend who has one.

And if you can draw you can always draw them yourself! It’s a great way to showcase your talent while giving your room the vibe you have been dreaming of. 

You can also add your old clock and paint them with pastel colors. And if you have a fabric you don’t use or an unused bed sheet, you can dye and paint and use it as a tapestry!


3. Bedding

One of the easy tips for you to create a kawaii room is by moving your bed into the corner of your room, which can create a snug and comfy vibe for you and anyone who have a sleepover in your room.

The next tip is to pick the right bed sheets. If you are looking for a simple look, you can choose white color for your bed.

Not only simple, it is also budget-friendly! But if you prefer to add a playful vibe, consider choosing a pastel color or pattern graphic bed sheet.

Finally, don’t forget to add small details. You can add a personal touch like photos, notes, and a small mood board on the wall next to your bed.




4. Furniture

The next step is to add some cute furniture to your room. For example, if you love gaming, you can get a cartoon design pink gaming chair.

If you love Japanese cartoon characters such as Sanrio, you can get a Sanrio-designed sofa. 

When it comes to furniture, anything that looks unique, cute, and has a soft color should be your option. This type of furniture plays a big role in making your room look even more kawaii.

However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, you can always reuse and paint your old furniture - a simple white paint is enough.


5. Plushies

The most interesting part about this article is… yes you already know it!!

Plushies! Plushies are a fun and easy way to give your room that sense of cuteness! Just make sure that they are not weird-looking dolls, like for example… Chucky 0_o

If you have no idea what kind of plushies you should put in your room, then consider getting Sanrio plushies as a starter.

Sanrio characters are so popular in the Kawaii community. You can start with small plushies and then slowly start collecting the big plushies.

The next step is where to put your plushies. You can put your favorite pluhies on the side of your bed, and other small plushies on the table or hang it on the wall. 

If you are on a budget or don’t want to buy any new plushies, you can always use your childhood plushies or consider getting them in a thrift store! But if you still choose to not get any plushies at all, it is totally optional.

6. Unnecessary Cute Items

This part is of course, optional. But if you want to be a little bit extra, then consider adding this part! You can add unnecessary cute items such as cartoon figures, tech stuff, etc.

These items surely will complete the missing small details in your room. Paying attention to small details can be a bonus to the whole look of your room. 

For reference, there are tons of inspirations you can find on platforms like Pinterest, and Instagram, or you can check our accounts to get ideas! Click here to visit our Instagram and TikTok. 

For budget-friendly, then you should consider DIY these items. By just following some tutorials on the internet and then there you have your unnecessary cute items! 






So, the conclusion of this article is the 6 tips for achieving a kawaii room:

  1. Pastel colors: You can try incorporating these colors into your wardrobe, bed sheet, walls, etc.
  2. Wall decorations: For this part, you can put up some posters, photos, and tapestries.
  3. Bedding: Kawaii enthusiasts usually like to move their bed into the corner of their room for the cozy feel, and change their pillows and bed sheets to soft-colored or patterned fabrics.
  4. Furniture: This part may be a little expensive. If you have a bigger budget, consider buying a cute sofa or a table with a simple character design.
  5. Plushies: This part is definitely the fun part! If you're a beginner, consider adding Sanrio character plushies to your room. The size is optional.
  6. Unnecessary cute items: This part is, of course, optional. But if you want to put a little bit more effort, you can add some cute items into your room like cartoon figures, cute bowls, etc!

For budget-friendly options, you can consider DIY projects. There are millions of tutorials on the internet for you to get ideas and learn how to make these cute items for free!

You can also find tons of inspiration on platforms like Pinterest, and Instagram, or check our accounts to get ideas. Click here to visit our Instagram and TikTok.


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